Consultations and Coaching  

Whether you have a specific health concern, or are seeking to understand how simple diet and lifestyle changes can improve your energy, vitality and health, nutritional therapy can help you achieve your goals and live your best life.

I offer:

  • Personalised, comprehensive diet and lifestyle recommendations to support specific health conditions or concerns

  • Advice, inspiration and resources for optimising energy, vitality and weight

  • Expert support with healthy approaches to restrictive and elimination diets where appropriate, including low FODMAP, gluten and dairy free, paleo and autoimmune paleo 

  • Help with meal planning, recipes, food lists and kitchen makeovers

  • Advice on functional testing and supplements where appropriate

  • Small groups wellbeing sessions and talks

  • Workplace wellbeing and resilience plans


Most of us have developed our diet and lifestyle habits over many years, and likewise may have been challenged with health concerns or conditions for a long time. Chronic health is complex and often multiple factors underlie the symptoms or concerns we experience, our aim in working together will be to try and understand what might be contributing to your unique health situation, and what we can do to bring things back to balance. Nutritional therapy is rarely a quick fix and seeing meaningful benefits  can take time and effort, but it is always worth it! 

For this reason I find that packages of support work best for most clients, with a focus on sustainable, positive lifestyle changes that really contribute to health and wellbeing.

                                                                                                     "let food be thy medicine & medicine they food"  Hippocrates

Personal Wellness packages are designed for those with specific health conditions or concerns that might benefit from diet and lifestyle support. They include: a minimum of 4 consultations over 8-12 weeks; my time behind the scenes reviewing your case and the latest research,;written action plans with tailored diet and lifestyle recommendations; other helpful resources such as recipes, 'how to' guides and information sheets and tailored supplement recommendations where required with the benefit of generous practitioner discounts which I pass on to my clients.

For some individuals this package may include a supported elimination diet such as low FODMAP, healthy gluten or dairy free, paleo or autoimmune paleo, but my aim is always to help clients eat as wide a range of healthy foods as possible in the longer term.  

Healthy Foundations and Foundations of Ageing Well packages are for or those seeking support to make lasting diet and lifestyle changes for resilient health and wellbeing, at any age. They are designed to nourish your body and mind to support radiant health, boost energy, balance blood sugar and support healthy weight AND help you develop positive, sustainable habits with regard to food choices, eating and meal preparation. 

The packages include: a minimum of 3 consultations over 8-12 weeks; my Healthy Foundations or Healthy Foundations for Ageing Well guidance plans, incorporating evidence based diet and lifestyle recommendations and a toolkit of other helpful resources including recipes, 'how to' guides, fun challenge sheets, and sample meal plans. I offer these packages to individuals, couples and small groups.

Diet and Lifestyle MOTs are for those looking for a one-off review their diet and other lifestyle factors for optimal health and wellbeing. This 90 minute session (for individuals, 2 hours for couples or small groups) is an opportunity to identify the most beneficial areas for focus, with an emphasis on recommendations that can be self-directed, supported by a range of helpful resources. Diet MOTs can be upgraded to a package following the session if desired

Wellness with Wine sessions are fun and informal two hour sessions designed to be run in a relaxed setting (like your home) with small groups of 4-12 friends, family or colleagues. I offer this in collaboration with other experienced healthcare practitioners, we bring the wellness (our expertise, handouts and a tasty treat or two) and you provide the venue and the wine or tea. Our first session with you focuses on optimal wellbeing but we can offer a follow on menu of other wellbeing topics for those keen to know more 

   Prices and further information   

My work is very much tailored to each client's individual needs, please get in touch to arrange a free 15 minute call to discuss the most appropriate support for you and the costs involved, but as a guide:

  • Personal Wellness Packages cost from £385

  • Healthy Foundations Packages cost from £285 (one-to-one)*

  • Diet and Lifestyle MOT costs £155 (one-to-one), £225 (couples)*

  • Wine and Wellness sessions cost from £45 per person


*I offer reduced cost per person for group packages, please email me for more information


And lastly, I aim to be fully impartial when making recommendations for laboratory testing and supplements and therefore my clients can benefit from generous practitioner discounts, unless any significant additional work is required

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