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  • Personalised, comprehensive support for specific health conditions or concerns. I have particular interests in gut health and food sensitivities, inflammatory and immune related conditions, healthful ageing and disease prevention

  • Advice, inspiration and resources for optimising energy, vitality and weight

  • Support with healthy approaches to restrictive and elimination diets where appropriate*, including low FODMAP, gluten and dairy free, paleo and autoimmune paleo

  • Help with meal planning, recipes, food lists and kitchen makeovers

  • Access to functional testing and supplement recommendations where appropriate

  • Small groups wellbeing sessions and talks

  • Workplace wellbeing and resilience plans

* I strongly believe that we achieve our best health when we eat as a diverse a range of nourishing foods as possible, so my aim is always to work towards a wide, inclusive diet in the long term


Eat Well Cooking Classes I'm not a trained chef but I love to cook and have developed my own recipes, tools and tips to make cooking deliciously healthy foods easy, fun and fast. I offer healthy eating cooking classes and specialise in gluten and dairy free, low FODMAPs and other restricted diets. I always cook from scratch using natural ingredients and lots of flavour. How it works: we agree a menu and then cook  and it together. Each person gets to take away recipes, tips, a little treat ... and hopefully lots of inspiration!

Wellness with Wine sessions are fun and informal two hour bitesize sessions designed to be run in a relaxed setting with small groups of 4-12 friends, family or colleagues. I offer this in collaboration with other experienced healthcare practitioners, we bring the wellness (and a tasty treat or two) and you bring the venue and the wine. Sessions can focus on optimal wellbeing but we can also offer a menu of other topics to follow 

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  • Courses: please enquire

  • Bitesize Nutrition Talks: 1 hour with time for discussion, £12 per person (minumum of 6 people)

                              For more information about course, classes & talks contact                                  nicky@vitalisenutrition.com


You really are what you eat ... be healthy, vibrant & delicious!                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        © 2014 Vitalise Nutrition